Face to Face

Solutions Journalism Network

By Lucille Crelli, Story Fellow

It is difficult to have the tough conversations about issues that divide us—race, politics, religion, etc. Yet, time and time again, creating a safe space to discuss viewpoints and form relationships goes a long way in combatting biases, correcting misinformation, and developing empathy. Sometimes parties may not even have the language or context to be able to have meaningful conversations with each other, and sometimes the solution calls for actual immersion. This can be hard to find in rural areas, and it requires an intentional gathering of participants.

That's why the stories in this collection use face to face conversations with a special focus on building language capacity to combat ignorance and increase empathy. When the two parties understand each other, then progress can be made. By using this strategy, these communities are increasing racial and ethnic tolerance and welcoming ethnic minorities in rural areas.