Live Programming


We offer 30-minute virtual visits to high school and college classrooms to help students explore and understand solutions journalism. A member of our educational partnerships team provides an overview of solutions journalism (both the stories and the movement), shows students how to find and share stories on issues they care about, and engages them in a discussion about how they (and society) can benefit from a more balanced news diet. We’ll get your students started on an assignment if you’d like, but you don’t have to have one to invite us to class. We’ve created a special collection template to demonstrate the impact of solutions stories on society that can be easily customized for your course.

Educators interested in participating should contact Alane Presswood for more information.

Journalist in the Classroom

Educators using solutions journalism stories in their teaching can add another layer to students’ understanding of this approach by inviting a journalist to class to talk about how they use solutions journalism in their reporting.

We launched this Journalist in the Classroom program to give students an opportunity to ask a professional reporter about their experiences in the field and how journalism contributes to a functioning democracy. Here’s how it works: You let us know the topic or issue you want your students to explore through a solutions lens, and we’ll help you select one or more stories written by a journalist in our network. If that journalist is available for a virtual visit, we’ll make the introductions and assist in setting up your session. And if you’d like, we’ll join the session to introduce the journalist and help your students explore solutions journalism.

Educators can request a session here. Journalists interested in participating as speakers can contact Alane Presswood.


Solutions Symposiums

Our Journalist in the Classroom program shows that meeting with practicing journalists has a significant positive impact on students’ opinions about the trustworthiness and reliability of media professionals. To bring those benefits to a broader audience, we launched the Solutions Symposiums, a series of moderated roundtable discussions on a specific theme and hosted in partnership with universities, local newsrooms and other community organizations. Do you have a pressing community issue that would benefit from thoughtful discussion among journalists, students and educators, and other community members? We can provide a template for the symposium, recruit journalists to sit on the panel and assist in promoting the program to interested audiences.

If you’d like to be considered for a visit or want details about prior symposiums, email our higher education specialist, Alane Presswood.