Business Solutions to the Climate Crisis

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Created by Kyle Plantz, Solutions Specialist

On April 22, 2021 — also the 51st annual Earth Day — U.S. President Joe Biden gathered dozens of the world’s leaders for a summit to discuss solutions surrounding how to solve the world’s climate crisis. A key theme from the event was how climate action can not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also create economic opportunity. In his opening remarks, Biden said: “We are resolving to take action, not only our federal government, but our cities and our states all across our country, small businesses, large businesses, large corporations, American workers in every field.”

As the U.S. government continues to fine-tune its ambitious climate plans, businesses will undoubtedly play a significant role in helping to reduce the country’s carbon footprint. In fact, some have already been adjusting their operations, products, and services to be more sustainable. This collection of stories highlights the ways that organizations, businesses, and governments throughout the United States are working together to mitigate the effects of climate change through innovative farming techniques, green energy, and renewable technologies. 

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