Bridging the Gap Between Business and Sustainability

Solutions Journalism Network

By Kyle Plantz, Solutions Specialist

More and more companies are focusing their futures on the triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit. By going green, individuals, communities, companies, and governments are trying to take into consideration the ecological, social, and economic impacts they have on the world. A global pandemic, weather-related disasters, and social unrest and racial discord have forced many industries to rethink the way business is done. Big brands are issuing sustainability goals as a way to not only make a profit but also conserve resources for the next generation.

This collection of stories looks at what’s really working in the world of business sustainability. Through investment in renewable energy and green finances to innovative farming and trash disposal practices, companies are seeing that sustainability is not a passing trend, but a new business reality. With residents and customers demanding more transparent, ethical, and environmentally-friendly products and services, businesses are needing to adapt to a changing climate and economy, or risk facing extinction. These are examples of how some groups are making that transition.

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