UN Global Goal 10: Reduce Inequalities Within and Among Countries

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The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals call for us to build more equitable societies—leaving no one behind. While this mission underlies all of the goals, Goal 10 specifically addresses the problem of structural inequality, both within and between countries.

Despite gains in reducing extreme poverty worldwide, income inequality is on the rise. Even though the bottom 40 percent of the population in most countries has enjoyed income growth at a higher rate than national averages between 2010 and 2016, these gains were overshadowed by an increasing share of income growth at the top 1 percent. Roughly 80 individuals on earth hold the same amount of wealth as 3.5 billion of the world’s population, according to Oxfam.

The targets of Goal 10 include:

  • Promoting laws, policies, and practices that ensure equal opportunities and reduced inequality across age, sex, race, ability, and economic standing.
  • Improving global financial markets and institutions to enhance the representation of developing countries.
  • Facilitate the safe and responsible migration of populations across borders, including the reduction of barriers to remittances and other financial flows.

The stories in this collection focus on efforts to tackle these issues and reduce inequalities within and between countries. Several of these solutions aim to level the playing field by providing direct financial support. Read the story by Robert Samuels to learn about how experiments in basic income assistance are working to provide economic stability to populations in the United States. Another program, first implemented in Seattle, WA, offers cash vouchers to voters, allowing them to counter the political influence of big donors. 

Explore further to learn about how solutions are crossing borders. Various organizations in the US, Mexico, and Canada are leveraging technology to reach LGBTQ asylum seekers. And amidst the news of a trade war, read about how countries like Pakistan and Kenya are using financial incentives and bartering to reduce barriers to trade.

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