Discovering What Works: Rapid Results

Solutions Journalism Network

This is the second of three teaching collections on Discovering What Works in the field of social change. The stories below are about the "rapid results" strategy developed in 2007 to catalyze and accelerate scalable solutions to critical social problems.

Rapid Results Initiatives are 100-day challenges targeted at the community level. Developed by the Rapid Results Institute, these social change projects strive to inspire communities by helping them to find the confidence, leadership, and motivation to achieve their goals in sustainable ways. 

The articles by Tina Rosenberg introduce us to the Rapid Result Initiatives, explaining the benefits—and challenges—of trying to make long-lasting social change occur on a deadline. In David Bornstein’s article, we see an evaluation of the Rapid Result methodology applied to the problem of homelessness in the United States. After reading these articles, be sure to consider the discussion questions attached to this teaching collection. Can you apply what you’ve learned here to social change strategies in your community?

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