Climate Justice and the Climate Crisis

Solutions Journalism Network

The effects of climate change are being felt by people all over the world. But not all climate impacts are felt equally. Children, people experiencing economic hardship, and communities of color — especially Black, Latinx, and Indigenous communities — are more susceptible to the risks posed by climate change. As António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, said in 2019, “the great injustice of the climate crisis is that its effects fall most on those least responsible for it." For decades, climate justice advocates have been highlighting how climate change can have different social, economic, and health impacts on these populations.

However, these communities are also on the front lines of working on climate solutions and are raising awareness about the connection between climate change, racism, and systemic injustice in society. From climate strikes and lawsuits to sustainable technology and green infrastructure, the responses highlighted in this collection show how these communities have come together to take action.

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