Cultivating Collaborations

Reaching across the aisle and rounding up the community to solve problems. From partnering cops and clinicians to connecting public high school students with jobs in industry, these solutions depend on coordinating many actors to achieve success. On a macro level, collaboration-driven projects might bring together the private sector, government, and NGOs; on a local level, they might be as simple as uniting teachers, counselors, and parents to help students grow.

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Collective action

Coordinating many actors, who would not necessarily be working together, to respond to a problem. Bringing them together is key to the success of the solution.

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Cross-sector collaboration

Combining the expertise, resources, and capabilities of organizations from different sectors to achieve a goal not possible for organizations from a single sector.

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Getting ideas and solutions from the crowd.

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Private-public partnerships

Uniting private actors and government agencies to serve the public more effectively than either sector could alone.

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