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In 1986, the city of Baltimore battled the Reagan administration over its local anti-apartheid ordinances—and won. How they prevailed may have important lessons for cities trying to resist Trump today; from his policies regarding immigration to climate change.


Brentin Mock

May 24, 2017

Baltimore, Maryland, United States

California implemented a law allowing undocumented immigrants to obtain a drivers license, which has reduced the number of hit-and-runs. With a license, they are less likely to flee the scene due to fears around deportation or car impounding.

Pacific Standard

Tom Jacobs

April 3, 2017

California, United States

Three Part Series, "America Beyond Detention": For decades, immigrant advocates have argued that the federal government should increase the use of residential shelters - like Casa Marianella in Austin - as an alternative to detention. The shelters are generally less expensive, treat immigrants more humanely, and are better equipped to integrate people into their new communities.

Texas Observer

Gus Bova

January 30, 2017

Austin, Texas, United States

Thousands of refugees are navigating hurdles of integration in the United States. Organizations like the Minnesota Council of Churches provide comprehensive support in a number of areas - from housing to job applications to health insurance paperwork - but all with the end goal of helping the relocated families towards independence and sustainability in their new life.

Minnesota Star Tribune

Mila Koumpilova

December 31, 2016

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Part 2 of the "Equity or Bust: Are Ontario's Public Schools a Model for Pennsylvania" Series: Ontario has become widely lauded for its education system, celebrated for both high performance and relatively smaller achievement gaps between wealthy and poor students, particularly compared to the system in Pennsylvania. Keys to Ontario's success include celebrating diversity and catering education modules to the varied backgrounds of their students, as well as increased parent-teacher involvement.

Keystone Crossroads

Kevin McCorry

December 13, 2016

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The Migrant Education Program, which offers educational and social services to migrant worker families in Colorado’s San Luis Valley, is growing in popularity among the valley’s migrant worker population, and has recently begun to focus on getting migrant students geared up for college .

High Country News

Lyndsey Gilpin

October 9, 2016

Center, Colorado, United States

In Lebanon, services for refugees are often misguided and ineffective. To address this issue, the country created a cash-debit card allowance for refugees, providing a more appropriate resource than the typical aid program.

The New York Times

Tina Rosenberg

September 13, 2016


In the Middle East, refugee camps are expensive to run-- particularly because shipping food aid is expensive, and the refugees feel victimized in an environment where they have no agency or purchasing power. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees has moved refugees in Jordan out of camps and has given cash instead of in-kind aid, and new possibilities emerge with mobile money by the aid of new technology. The results have shown that refugees feel more empowered and the costs associated with their aid are reduced.


Elizabeth MacBride

August 7, 2016

Amman, Jordan

Racism, poverty, gang violence and drugs — to tackle these issues among others the Indigenous and Somali communities are teaming up. Their goal? To make downtown Edmonton safer.

CBC News

Roberta Bell

July 10, 2016

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Fueled by xenophobia, many countries around the world are refusing refugees at the border. But Canadian hockey moms, poker buddies and neighbors are adopting Syrians, one family at a time.

The New York Times

Jodi Kantor, Catrin Einhorn

June 30, 2016

Toronto, Canada

Only two states in the country don’t have organizations working to resettle refugees: Wyoming and Montana. But Montana is making a change — and people on both sides of the issue are watching.

Public Radio International

Jared Goyette

May 24, 2016

Missoula, Montanta, United States

An ambitious plan for the 69-acre Regent Park neighborhood is disrupting entrenched notions of class, race and religion, at a time when concerns over income inequality and immigration are growing.

The New York Times

Dan Levin

February 28, 2016

Regent Park, Canada

A pioneering program in Norway seeks to combat sexual violence by helping new immigrants adapt to a society whose sexual norms they may find confusing.

The New York Times

Andrew Higgins

December 19, 2015

Sandnes, Rogaland, Norway

At an Ohio supermarket, refugees get a surprising crash course on everything about pharmacies from the system of refills and dosages to how to open those child-proof bottles.

Public Radio International

Monica Campbell

November 4, 2015

Columbus, Ohio, United States

International students and the city of Flint, Michigan, have an imperfect but beneficial relationship. The city is a cheap and accommodating place for students to get their foot in the U.S., and the students bring their business; thus, boosting the desperate economy.

The New York Times

Gordon Young

October 27, 2015

Flint, Michigan, United States

In Germany child refugee homes are overwhelmed with unaccompanied minors. Adoption is one solution to quickly get these kids into homes, but many kids refuse because their family is far away but alive.

International Business Times

Erin Banco

October 5, 2015

Munich, Bayern, Germany

Cities along the USA's rust belt, such as Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Detroit, have been encouraging immigrants to settle in their cities through various organization as a way to combat their population decline. The influx of immigrants not only increases the population, but spurs innovation, new businesses, and the creation of new jobs.

Issue Media Group

Douglas J. Guth

October 5, 2015

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

Immigrants to St. Louis are capitalizing on urban gardens, and helping to revitalize the city by repopulating it.

The Atlantic

Ted Hesson

July 12, 2015

St. Louis, Missouri, United States

28% of Berlin's population is foreign-born, with residents from more than 180 countries. Berlin is making efforts to incorporate these immigrants by providing them with legal support and employing them in city government.

Keystone Crossroads

Marielle Segarra

June 29, 2015

Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Once harshly criticized for its mistreatment of African migrants, Morocco has changed its view and now lays down a well-regulated welcome mat. If Europe did more of the same, it's possible that fewer migrants would risk dangerous sea journeys with smugglers.

Christian Science Monitor

The Monitor's Editorial Board

April 22, 2015

Casablanca, Morocco

Refugee resettlement is arguably one of our country’s noblest examples of foreign policy. It gives forcibly displaced people from around the world a chance to escape danger and rebuild a life for themselves in a safe environment.


John Dankosky, Josh Nilaya

December 9, 2014

Hartford, Connecticut, United States

Crushing poverty and extreme violence - fueled by drug trafficking and police corruption - are behind a mass migration of Central American children to the United States in recent months that has overwhelmed U.S. border resources and driven illegal immigration to the fore in U.S. congressional elections. But the United Nations has praised Nicaragua's security model, which includes social services to help youths in gangs find jobs as well as sport programs like little-league baseball teams.


Ivan Castro

August 28, 2014

Managua, Managua, Nicaragua

America is the world’s main supplier of food aid to impoverished countries; however, food aid has the problems of long-distance transportation, cost of the transportation and storage, and the navigation through dangerous zones. Different programs around the world are experimenting with alternative forms of aid, including vouchers and cash for work. These alternatives ensure the speed through which food gets to the needy and encourages the contribution of money back into the local economy.

The New York Times

Tina Rosenberg

November 1, 2011


The supply of emergency food aid in violence-plagued nations is fraught with problems of costly expense, the poor waiting in line to receive food, and navigating the food through dangerous zones. World Concern, a Seattle based Christian humanitarian group, provides people with vouchers they can use in select markets. In Dhobley, Somalia, the solution of vouchers quickens the process of receiving the food and contributes to the local economy.

The New York Times

Tina Rosenberg

October 27, 2011


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