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Hopeworks 'N Camden prepares teens for jobs in Camden, PA through programs aimed to address any previous childhood trauma or socioeconomic stresses. It has not been without set backs but the program is proving to set this generation up for a better future along with employable skills.

The Philadelphia Citizen

Sarah Jordan

May 25, 2017

Camden, Pennsylvania, United States

The Centre for the Prevention of Radicalization Leading to Violence in Quebec has expanded rapidly, becoming a model for programs around the world. What sets it apart from projects in Europe and the United States is that it confronts extremism of all stripes — not just Islamist — and focuses on behavior that signals the risk of violence, not just radical ideas, only involving law enforcement as a last resort.

Minnesota Star Tribune

Stephen Montemayor

May 6, 2017

Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Most police departments train their officers how to shoot their guns rather than how to problem solve without the use of force. A Minneapolis police department has learned how to de-escalate conflict. By incorporating communication and listening skills for de-escalation, the police department has seen a decrease in the use of force.


Curtis Gilbert

May 6, 2017

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Police agencies in thirty-four different states offer little or no training in diffusing conflicts, resulting in an overuse of force and a sense of mistrust from the communities they serve. Some cities in the United States have integrated training in de-escalation and have seen a decrease in the use of force as well as an increase in community trust. However not every police agency in the country is convinced this training is needed.

APM Reports

Curtis Gilbert

May 5, 2017

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Gunshot victims have previously been treated at hospitals and then sent back out into the community where often they would be shot again or be violent to others, while suffering both physically and mentally. Ohio is now using an influx of federal crime victims assistance through a Trauma Recovery Network that helps with a wide range of issues as victims rejoin everyday life.

The Trace

Elizabeth Van Brocklin

May 1, 2017

Cleveland, Ohio

A study on 4 homeless individuals showed that they cost thousands of dollars, hours of city officials' time, resources etc. Outreach Fort Collins group aims to decrease these numbers by recognizing the importance of relationships and checking in on homeless individuals and being a neighbourhood resource for people to turn to to help if there is a concern, rather than calling the police.


Sarah Jane Kyle

April 13, 2017

Fort Collins, Colorado, United States

California implemented a law allowing undocumented immigrants to obtain a drivers license, which has reduced the number of hit-and-runs. With a license, they are less likely to flee the scene due to fears around deportation or car impounding.

Pacific Standard

Tom Jacobs

April 3, 2017

California, United States

Richmond, California has one of the nation’s highest gun violence rate. To combat crime, Operation Peacemaker Fellowship tracks and identifies individuals at risk to commit violent acts or or become a victim of one. After identifying them, the Fellowship directs each at-risk person with employment training and social services and sends out teams to de-escalate conflicts within targeted communities.

The New York Times

Rikha Sharma Rani

February 21, 2017

Richmond, California, United States

To diversify the police force, UK and US research studies have focused on using behavioral economics. The UK's Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) has used behavioural economics and psychology to alter phrasing and messages, in order to attract more diverse applicants and its success has spurred more future projects.


Kara Sherwin

February 20, 2017

United States

Young black Jacksonians are afraid to call the police in self defence for fear they will be accused of gang violence and arrested instead of protected. Various programs are using research of violence and recidivism to create programs that address the people most likely to commit violent crimes instead of just putting them in jail.

Jackson Free Press

Donna Ladd

February 15, 2017

Jackson, Mississippi, United States

In Texas, Mass-Incarceration is becoming a surprising hub of bi-partisan reform. By finding common ground, and brainstorming new solutions and alternatives to mass incarceration, the state has seen a drop in incarceration and crime rates.

The New York Times

Tina Rosenberg

February 14, 2017

Texas, United States

Police actions at a crime scene often exacerbate the victim’s trauma and trigger a person with mental illness who is going through a crisis. The Trauma-Informed Response Team in Milwaukee, is part of a national trend to train police officers in crisis intervention so they can identify signs of mental illness, and efficiently and safely get someone in crisis into the care of a mental health professional.


Maura Ewing

February 9, 2017

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

The Queensbridge Houses, one of the nation's largest public housing projects, is celebrating more than one year without a shooting in what Mayor de Blasio called "a year of golden silence." Security measures such as the implementing of lights and cameras, combined with the creation of the 696 Queensbridge, a team of ex-convicts who patrol the area, has greatly reduced violence in the area.

NBC New York

Roseanne Colletti

February 3, 2017

New York City, New York, United States

​In Iceland, teenage smoking, drinking and drug use have been radically cut by the 'Youth in Iceland' program that institutted a curfew for children, promoted greater parental involvement, and involvement in extra curriculars. Now the questions is, why are other places not following suit?


Emma Young

January 17, 2017

Reykjavik, Iceland

Chicago plans to open a community court for young adult offenders that focuses on rehabilitative services and community support, giving them a chance to make reparations to victims and avoid a criminal record that can jeopardize opportunities for the rest of their lives. Part 3 of 3.

The Christian Science Monitor

Nissa Rhee

December 24, 2016

Chicago, Illinois, United States

The police department and the Office of Neighbourhood Safety in Richmond, CA are lowering the number of homicides by identifying the youths most likely to commit crimes and giving them cash in return for compliance with their program.

Detroit Free Press

Jeff Seidel

December 17, 2016

Richmond, California, United States

A program in Richmond California identifies and enlists felons and youth at-risk for firearm violence in a fellowship, and is credited for a 76% decrease in homicides in the city. Participants receive relationship building, life maps, excursions, stipends, intergenerational mentoring, and internships, and are paid for good behaviour.

Detroit Free Press

Jeff Seidel

December 17, 2016

Richmond, California, United States

Safe Streets, a program run by the city’s Health Department, has lowered fatal shootings in Baltimore’s neighbourhood of Park Heights by hiring local ex-cons to defuse volatile situations before guns are drawn.

Detroit Free Press

Matt Helms

December 16, 2016

Baltimore, Maryland, United States

The approach of some state detention directors to juvenile justice has evolved at Henley-Young Juvenile Justice Center. Research shows that traditional detention is simply not working as a deterrent to youth crime—and can actually increase it. Administrators, county and special-interest groups have chipped away at antiquated practices to make room for rehabilitation and therapy. These efforts attempt to address the core issues that culminate in youth crime, delinquency and recidivism.

Jackson Free Press

Sierra Mannie, Arielle Dreher

December 14, 2016

Jackson, Mississippi, United States

Girls in Chicago's toughest neighborhoods face extensive danger on a daily basis. Not enough is being done to help girls so that they do not engage in violence or self-harm. Programs such as the Urban Warrior Program, Demoiselle 2 Femme, and the juvenile justice system are implementing programs tailored to understand the issues for girls in this community and to then provide mentoring and education.

Chicago Tribune

Anne Sweeney

December 10, 2016

Chicago, Illinois, United States

In Nueces County, new local programs, projects, and partnerships - spurred by a particularly deadly year for women - are demonstrating how improved assessment by law enforcement and engagement by community members is helping to reduce abuse and homicides while preventing domestic violence overall.

Corpus Christi Caller Times

Beatriz Alvarado

December 2, 2016

Corpus Christi, Texas, United States

Whitten Preparatory, a mostly black middle school, is one of four schools in Jackson that are trying to combat disciplinary issues and keep violence low by using peer mediation - training students to be mediators so they can help their classmates come to a peaceful resolution to their issues.

Jackson Free Press

Sierra Mannie

November 30, 2016

Jackson, Mississippi, United States

Across the country, hospitals are embracing intensive intervention programs to help victims of violence — including those who have criminal histories — after they have been brought in for treatment of injuries. Such programs can help prevent retaliation, reduce the chance a patient will be violently injured again, and put people on track for success.

Gina Damron

November 19, 2016

Detroit, Michigan, United States

The 'Heroin Epidemic' has taken many lives due to overdosing and HIV. Establishing needle exchange locations, demanding that public officials carry Narcan (a drug that reverses overdoses), treating addicts whether or not they have insurance, and collecting data are all actions that together can significantly lessen the effects of Heroin on communities.

My Palm Beach Post

Pat Beal

November 17, 2016

West Palm Beach, Florida, United States

If juveniles in the Hinds County youth-court system, whose families tend to have limited resources, cannot get sustained, meaningful help at the center, they do not have many other options. But, thanks to a lawsuit on behalf of the juveniles in the facility, the county is starting to address the lack of mental-health services - whether in facilities or starting at home with the family.

Jackson Free Press

Tim Summers, Jr.

November 9, 2016

Jackson, Mississippi, United States

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