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Companies U-Haul and supermarket supplier C&S Wholesale Grocers are partnering with The Conservation Fund to promote conservation with an environmental and economic focus. They will offset their wood consumption by boosting the protection of forest-based supply chains, creating investments in land easements that will restore and protect native habitats.

Triple Pundit

Leon Kaye

June 15, 2017

Success, New Hampshire, United States

Rotterdam is increasingly threatened by climate change and the rising water levels. Instead of building barriers, they are choosing to work with the water and help it flow through the 'Room for the River' project and other innovations.

The New York Times

Michael Kimmelman

June 15, 2017

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Air pollution is a major health risk, and growing in severity as more of the population moves to urban (more polluted areas). University friends from Germany have created a "CityTree," which filters toxic pollutants from the air with the power of moss that can be installed around cities.


Chris Giles

June 7, 2017


Iceland, hit by the oil crises of the 1970s, turned to geothermal energy - and they haven't turned back. The island is now powered by 100% renewable energy, and they are taking it one step more, looking to further cut emissions using a unique carbon capture system called CarbFix is being pioneered at the Hellsheidi geothermal power plant in western Iceland.

Al Jazeera

Russell Beard

May 25, 2017

Hellisheiðarvirkjun, Southern Region, Iceland

Throughout history, shifts in energy have often been a defining point of civilization's growth and development: from wood to coal, from coal to natural gas, and now, from fossil fuels to renewables. Such economic shifts usually take decades, but thanks to rapidly evolving disruptive technologies, dropping prices of solar and wind power sources, and increasing market demand for green business, the new age of renewable energy could encompass the world economy much more quickly.

The Financial Times

Pilita Clark

May 18, 2017

London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Nearly a billion people living in the arid regions of the Himalayas depend on glaciers for their water supply. But with climate change, glaciers have been retreating drastically every year, threatening the life source of villagers like those in the Ladakh region of Kashmir. One engineer, Sonam Wangchuck, has come up with an ingenious feat of engineering to help the villages store glacier water by constructing stupas - or towers - using thorn branches that retain ice in tall structures, which melts and provides clean water for drinking and agriculture during the dry season.

Al Jazeera

Russell Beard

May 17, 2017

Leh, Kashmir, India

Women4Climate is a new alliance of women mayors from major cities who are determined to act against climate change with or without federal support. Instead, they mentor each other in innovative solutions, cross-promote important causes, and share best practices to help stem the negative effects of greenhouse gas emissions, empowering women everywhere to participate.

Ms. Magazine

Andrea Cooper

April 24, 2017

Paris, Paris Region, France

In the face of the global climate crisis, conservative politicians and energy leaders in the US are an unlikely source for climate action. Through the promotion of a carbon tax, in which each ton of emissions gets taxed, these leaders are jumpstarting new forms of climate response. While some are hesitant towards both their support and the logistics of the tax, it may appear the best hope for climate action in the current political climate.

The New York Times

Tina Rosenberg

April 11, 2017

United States

By 2050 the percentage of the world's population living in cities will increase to two-thirds. The environmental impact, particularly in regards to pollution and strain on resources, is already extensive. But people around the world are implementing creative solutions to meet growing demand, while also making cities more sustainable. In Colombia, a company called Conceptos Plasticos collects recyclable plastic material, melts it down and moulds it into bricks used to build houses for the local community. Singapore too, is on the cutting edge of environmentally sustainable urban solutions including vertical farms and living buildings.

Al Jazeera

Russell Beard, Juliana Schatz

March 5, 2017

Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

There is an ongoing competition to improve batteries as a method of energy storage that is environmentally conscious. Intense research on batteries is ongoing, including the development of the "saltwater battery', in order to improve their reliability, storage abilities and safety.


Amelia Urry

February 21, 2017

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

The cotton industry is turning to a wide variety of innovations such as remote sensing, water regulation, no-till methods etc. in order to combat the varied and complex impacts climate change is having on it.


Laura Routh

February 20, 2017

United States

Investment in industry-level research and development can give consumers a meaningful metric of sustainability. Previously apparel companies were not fiscally rewarded for sustainable actions, but the Sustainable Apparel Coalition hopes to change this by providing the consumers with information to help them buy sustainably thereby rewarding companies who are environmentally minded.


Mary Hable

February 6, 2017

United States

With the threat of climate change, environmentalists are worried about the development of new technology and finding new ways to protect the environment. At Petra Nova, Carbon Capture technology removes carbon before it reaches the atmosphere and can be used for oil recovery, making it both productive financially and environmentally, to hopefully be a new solution and a way to maintain the coal industry.

The New York Times

John Schwartz

January 2, 2017

Thompson, Texas, United States

The state of Maine has been feeling the negative effects of climate change including the rising sea waters. Businesses have decided to make the best of it and do it in an environmentally sound and sustainable way. They have sought out new fisheries, renewable power, and trade distributions through the Arctic.

The Christian Science Monitor

Henry Gass

December 27, 2016

Portland, Maine, United States

Dams make for complex and often controversial infrastructure. While hydropower generated from large dam projects is currently providing the bulk of the planet's renewable energy, dams can also cause major environmental and social damage by interrupting animal migrations, displacing indigenous communities, and collecting toxins. A number of solutions are being implemented, however, to address the various issues caused by dams, to help make them a more eco-friendly and viable source of clean energy.


Matt Weiser

December 20, 2016

Dover, Delaware, United States

Regenerative farming practices such as cover crops can be environmentally friendly and financially profitable. But federal crop insurance rules and certain characteristics of the agriculture industry have prevented farmers from employing these techniques fully. However, one farmer, Gail Fuller, has been working to broaden access to such techniques.


Kristin Ohlson

December 5, 2016

Kansas, United States

Climate financing, determining which nations pay and which nations receive, is a challenge at the United Nations. The World Bank created a Pilot Auction Fund, which competitively allocates credit in an online auction, using the returns to fund projects that reduce emissions.

Clean Energy Finance Forum

Emily Wier

December 5, 2016

New York City, New York, United States

For something as important as food, many communities in the West struggle. That's because agricultural systems aren't really geared for the communities that harvest the food. In this episode of West Obsessed, the writers and editors of High Country News discuss some of the most interesting challenges — and solutions — to rural food supply.

High Country News

Brian Calvert

November 15, 2016

Payona, Colorado, United States

Denmark occupies a seat in the vanguard of efforts to fulfill carbon emission reduction goals of the Paris Agreement, with DONG Energy -- co-owned by the Danish government, Goldman Sachs and shareholders -- building massive arrays of offshore wind turbines, the "cheapest among newly installed power sources" across Europe and now responsible for 12% of the EU's electricity supply. While expansion across the EU remains a challenge because of a still-underdeveloped grid capacity, DONG's efforts show how Denmark's use of free-market demand and public-private collaboration provides an affordable, environmentally-friendly solution to global warming and limited fossil fuel stores.

Yale E360

Christian Schwägerl

October 20, 2016

Fredericia, Region of Southern Denmark, Denmark

A new solar array called North Star in the Twin Cities will soon produce enough energy to power more than 20,000 homes. The project allows landowners to evolve beyond a deteriorating farming industry while maintaining native prairie plants under and around the panels for bees and other pollinators. The project is part of the state's 15-year energy plan to reduce carbon emissions by 60 percent and generate a third of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030.

Minnesota Public Radio

Elizabeth Dunbar

October 19, 2016

North Branch, Minnesota, United States

Ashton Hayes- a small town in England- adopted a Carbon Neutrality mission, meaning they hoped to produce as much energy as they consumed. Over the past 10 years they have reduced their emissions by 40%, attributing their success to the resulting neighbourhood cohesion, dedication, and it being a public decision as opposed to one made or implemented by politicians.


Ally Hirschlag

October 16, 2016

Ashton Hayes, England

Madison Equities is investing in significant efficiency upgrades to a number of buildings in downtown St. Paul, overhauling their energy systems in an upgrade driven in part by tenants' interest in energy efficiency and in part as a major effort to shrink the city's carbon footprint and save on long-term operating costs. The the timeline for the St. Paul project was impressive and shows what's possible, not just for the planet but for a company's bottom line.

Minnesota Public Radio

Elizabeth Dunbar

October 11, 2016

St. Paul, Minnesota, United States

Strong building codes and a culture of energy innovation with roots in California’s cannabis country have quietly made Sacramento and its surrounding cities a model for advanced building practices that could slow its worst effects.


Griffin Hagle

September 29, 2016

Sacramento, California, United States

In Boulder, CO, a group of concerned citizens and the city have been paving the way for the city of Boulder to be free of fossil fuel energy by 2030. Along the way, they are pressuring the state and the utility to go green with them, painting a bigger picture of how the utility industry is responding to climate change.

Sustainability Pioneers

Kirsi Jansa

September 28, 2016

Boulder, Colorado, United States

Climate change causes intense weather, such as droughts and hurricanes, which damage vegetation and cultivation of farming practices. In addition, farming can contribute to climate change because it causes greenhouse gas emissions. The Malawi Farmer to Farmer Agroecology project has offered low-cost and low-technology techniques, as well as farmer-to-farmer teaching, which has successfully diversified crops and improved food security.

The Conversation

Rachel Bezner Kerr

September 21, 2016

Malawi, Africa

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