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Paper Tigers


Video / Over 15 Minutes

[Documentary Film]

James Redford

Paper Tigers captures the pain, the danger, the beauty, and the hopes of struggling teens—and the teachers armed with new science and fresh approaches that are changing their lives for the better.

Poverty’s Price: Child exposure to ‘toxic stress’ a key link to behavior, learning problems


Text / 1500-3000 Words

Fayetteville Observer

Greg Barnes

A program in eastern North Carolina takes a proven, two-generation approach to lift struggling families out of dire circumstances.

Protecting Children From Toxic Stress


Text / Under 800 Words

The New York Times

David Bornstein

Child First is a program in Connecticut, where staff members deliver home-based parent guidance and child-parent psychotherapy to help prevent the detrimental physical and mental effects of toxic stress on children. The engagement is guided by an evidence-based methodology called Child-Parent Psychotherapy, which is grounded in collaborative problem solving.

Reading, Writing, Required Silence: How Meditation is Changing Schools and Students


Text / 1500-3000 Words

The Huffington Post

Jaweed Kaleem

Silence can be hard to come by for students at New York City schools, contributing to increased stress. Some schools in New York are incorporating meditation to give their students time to relax and calm their inner minds after studying all day.

Schools That Separate the Child From the Trauma


Text / 1500-3000 Words

The New York Times

David Bornstein

Children are often punished for acting out without consideration of the root cause of their behavior such as a toxic home environment. A trauma center in Washington state is teaching educators to focus on making kids feel safe which more effectively curbs bad behavior.

Solutions That Work


Text / 1500-3000 Words

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Nancy Cambria

There’s hope for fighting toxic levels of stress in children—brain scans show that positive relationships with parents, family and others can protect and heal. By empower moms, stress in the household—and therefore stress on the child's brain—can be reduced.

Teaching Children to Calm Themselves


Text / 1500-3000 Words

The New York Times

David Bornstein

Children who experience neglect, severe stress or sudden separation at a young age can be traumatized - without appropriate adult support, trauma can interfere with healthy brain development, inhibiting children’s ability to make good decisions, use memory or use sequential thought processes to work through problems. Head Start Trauma Smart helps support traumatized and neglected children from acting out.

The Benefits of Positive Parenting


Text / 1500-3000 Words

The New York Times

David Bornstein

Improving the way people parent might seem an impossible challenge, given the competing views about what constitutes good parenting - can we influence a behavior that is rooted in upbringing and culture, affected by stress, and occurs mainly in private? Triple P – Positive Parenting Program works to educate parents on how to improve their parenting skills.

The Crisis Within: How Toxic Stress and Trauma Endanger Our Children


Text / 800-1500 Words

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Nancy Cambria

Chronic toxic stress caused by violence in trauma in a child's life can be exceedingly harmful - but can be remedied through building personal relationships and trust.

To improve lifelong health, Memphis tries rooting out childhood trauma


Television / 5-15 Minutes


Sarah Varney

Childhood trauma such as abuse, neighborhood violence or the death of a parent has been found to lead to dire health and social problems later in life. How can communities intervene to spare future generations the same pain and illness? Special correspondent Sarah Varney reports in collaboration with Kaiser Health News on how the city of Memphis, Tennessee, is tackling the problem.

What If Schools Hired Dogs As Therapists?


Text / 1500-3000 Words


Antonia Malchik

Students who are suffering from stress outside of the classroom can often be emotionally hard to reach. A California elementary school uses a faculty dog to help ease the stress of students who come from difficult backgrounds.

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